Mission Statement

To encourage the Saints to walk in such a way as to ensure "That the name of our Lord Jesus Christ may be glorified in you, and ye in him, according to the grace of our God and the Lord Jesus Christ."
(2 Thess. 1:12)


“I couldn't be prouder to endorse this VERY special man.  Why? Because His heart is filled with His Savior and then out of him comes beautiful and I mean beautiful "fruit" of God's Spirit. 

Yes, when you first meet him, you can't help but see his disability, but within seconds, Jesus in Him takes over and you are touched by how he is being used for God's Kingdom.  Nothing stops him!   His courage and strength for the Lord is such a powerful testimony and witness to what God can do in a life that's willing.....and Andrew Gommesen IS without a doubt.  I am honored to call him, my friend and brother in Christ.”   

Lynnelle Pierce 
Lynnelle Pierce Ministries-Holland MI

"It was an absolute pleasure having Andrew speak during our Men’s Breakfast.  His message was one of challenge and encouragement that the men of Orchard Hill could directly apply to their lives.  Andrew doesn’t speak in platitudes; he understands better than most the challenges our earthly lives can bring and challenged us to pattern ourselves after the ultimate role model of Jesus whether at work or home.  Thank you, Andrew!"

Mark Huizinga
Orchard Hill Reformed Church-Grand Rapids, MI

"Andrew has a hunger and thirst for the Almighty. He is a man after God's own heart. He has a story unlike any other I have heard. All of these things come shining through his life and are communicated in his speaking. Andrew was a blessing and joy to have at our urban church. His words inspired, convicted, and challenged us. " 

Pastor Shane Cox 
Take Hold Church- Grand Rapids, MI 

“Andrew Gommesen is a brother in Christ in happy fellowship with Northwest Gospel Hall in Grand Rapids, Michigan. We appreciate our brother’s participation in worship and recommend him as a devoted disciple of our Lord Jesus Christ. The Lord has gifted Andrew with a good understanding of His Word, and the ability to connect and communicate well. 
It has been encouraging to us to see how the Lord has opened doors for our brother to testify for Him, to present the Gospel of Jesus Christ, and to teach His Word in local churches, missions and other venues. As elders of Grace & Truth we introduce our brother to you.” 

John B. Lyman, Robert Pearson Sr., Merton N. Wolcott
Former Elders of Grace & Truth Christian Fellowship 

“What a pleasure it was to have Andrew come and preach for us! One can easily glean from Andrew's message that he is a true born again believer and understands the difference between a real God follower and nominal Christianity. He brought the gospel to us in a direct and biblical way and challenged us to look deep inside ourselves at our relationship with our Savior, Jesus Christ. His bible knowledge is exceptional and he preaches grace and truth with passion and conviction. We definitely look forward to having him back again!” 

Todd Ponstein
Pastor, True Life Bible Church- Jenison, MI

“Andrew has been leading a boys small group in the Potter’s House Discipleship program for the past year.  I am continually blessed by Andrew's faithful service and his positive cheerful countenance.  Andrew is one of those rare Christians who has embraced all God has brought into his life--the good, the difficult, the questions that have no answers, and accepts it all and fully with joy!  When he speaks, he speaks with Spiritual maturity and deep conviction.  He not only KNOWS the Word of God--He lives it!  His love for his Lord Jesus Christ is clearly evident in all that he says and clearly comes out of a deep relationship that has been growing for years...I feel it a privilege to know him and have been blessed by his testimony :)." 

Patty Stoner
Discipleship Leader- Potter's House Christan School Grand Rapids, MI

"It has been a pleasure to have Andrew Gommesen in Studio with us for our reoccurring “Devotions in Motion” segment. It’s a one thought daily devotional that digs deeper into God's word. What’s so cool about Andrew is he is always grounded in God's word. We are so pleased to encourage people to read his book and look into Speaking4Him ministries."

Chris & Emilee Danielson
Pastor of Lifehouse Church, Abliene, KS 

“I first meet Andrew at the Mel Trotter Mission on a Friday evening after a brief song service. The room was mostly full homeless men and it was Andrews’ turn to speak. While the microphone was being adjusted he was shuffling some papers, getting organized from which to speak. Andrew shared his testimony about his lost condition and about his Savior Jesus Christ. He shared verses from the Bible, Psalm 147:10-11 some personal thoughts and mostly words of hope for the men. Andrew impressed me, and after the meeting, I decided I would meet him for the first time. Since my first time meeting Andrew, I was drawn to meet him at his home spoke to him about his life journey and shared some of my own.

My impression of Andrew was a loving transparent honest young man who I learned had never walked a day in his life since birth. It was not to long afterward Andrew was speaking at the Bible hour service for which I attend in Holland Michigan. Andrew spoke with conviction from the Book of Philippians. I have briefly known Andrew and I Love this dear brother in Christ, I pray for him often. Did I mention he has a good singing voice? Andrew would be a valuable contribution to any form of ministry rightly dividing the truth." 

Dennis Bos
Holland Gospel Chapel, Holland, MI

“There are many who keep the word of God in their heart, but Andrew Gommesen is one who lives God’s word. His heart has been touched by the love of Christ and in every realm of his life, he lives and loves with Christ’s love. I have not only been humbled by His ministry but in many ways, the powerful message that Andrew has shared has brought me to a place of reconciliation with the Lord. As my wife puts it, “He is a friend to everyone he meets, and he glows with the love of Jesus.” His life is lived in full–blast, outward praise and worship…and his ministry is all about the heart of Jesus Christ. ” 

Tom Neering
D.J. FM 91.3 WCSG Grand Rapids, MI

"The first time I saw Andrew was when he was delivering the Gospel message to a large crowd gathered at the Guiding Light Mission (a local homeless shelter in Grand Rapids, Michigan). When I saw Andrew's physical condition then realized that this man was preaching in the power of the Holy Spirit, he looked ten feet tall. He was David fighting Goliath and was surely engaged in the spiritual battle to win souls from the kingdom of darkness. Andrew is a now a good friend and I am honored to call him brother. You will be blessed by his humble but uncompromising biblical knowledge and his devotion to the family as God has designed it. He will bless your church, your bible study, and when you come to know him, he will bless you!" 

David Dalrymple, DDS, MD

“I want to heartily endorse Andrew Gommesen as a minister of the Gospel. He brought a message of hope to our two churches and our third service on Saturday evening. I have heard very positive responses from folks who were deeply moved by the presentation of the Gospel through the ministry of Andrew. If you were thinking about hosting Andrew, I can say that it is worth having him speak and would invite him in the future.” 

Reverend David Selleck
Martin/Shelbyville United Methodist Churches

“Andrew is one of the most passionate prayer warriors you will ever find. I also like his straight forward honesty when it comes to him dealing with life. It is refreshing and encouraging to see a person willing to go the extra mile to help others.” 

Robb Munger
Director Exodus Building (Housing and Recovery Program)

"These days we have a million choices regarding how we spend our time and focus our attention. The area of ministry is no exception. There are so many out there, many of them truly God-centered, but many of them man-centered. Christian ministry isn't just another self-help program nor is it about us finding earthly comfort. Andrew Gommesen preaches in the true tradition of Christian evangelism, teaching the gospel and sharing the good news of Jesus Christ. The Lord has blessed him with a testimony that has given him depth and wisdom well beyond his years. 

If you want to see Jesus Christ up close and personal, then I assure you that Andrew Gommesen's love and obedience to the Lord deliver in power, truth, and love." 

Ivor Thomas
Ivor Thomas Music/I-61 Project

"I have known Andrew since he was a boy. He is a very serious and sensitive young man who loves His Lord and Savior. The Lord has called Him to share the Good News of Jesus Christ through "Speaking4Him" with everyone he meets. To that end, my wife and I are pleased to encourage you to use his gifts and talents to compliment your ministry and programs. 

Everyone that has had the opportunity to meet Andrew has been touched by his knowledge of Scripture. He is especially eager to share biblical truths as they apply the family. He has done an in-depth study of the unique roles to which God has called men and women. Our prayer is that you will consider using his open and willing spirit to bless your group, church, or ministry." 

Frank and Jane Nibbelink



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